This book displays paper structures, pop-up diagrams, advanced packaging designs, and other paper constructions that may be used and modified by designers to create unexpected works that viewers can physically experience or perceive as highly tactile. Through a series of multi-purpose projects, each designer will be guided into the inner workings of paper mechanisms. Each project is the basis for further exploration. Paper Design Paper not only conveys the thrill, inspiration, and enthusiasm that paper engineering can encompass, but provides direct accessible guidance.

The term paper engineering refers to artists and designers who work with precisely detailed paper constructions to create pop-up and interactive books and other objects. Paper engineers combine cutting, folding, pasting, and assembling to make a predetermined shape and form that can be contained flat within a closed condition, but when opened, raises into its 3D form. Paper engineering can also refer to constructing of an object out of paper which is designed to remain three-dimensional.

The exhibition of Paper Design Paper was meant to be a catalyst for creative output. The wall of 100+ pop-ups along with the instructions on the opposing wall provided possibilities and inspiration. The main concept was to allow the viewer to participate. The book, along with the exhibit, provide skills, tools, and templates for how to work with paper, offering each reader possibilities to use these to create unique designs for audiences to interact with.

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