We've got a lot of keys, but this is all I need when I come here.

My mother always teases me, “Who would want to steal your car?”

All of my keys are color coded. I got these from the Ace hardward store, no, Bell Hardware just down the street.


Everytime someone gets locked out of their house, I'm the one that bails them out.


This is a floatie, so if this key falls in, it'll float.

There's no bike, there's no lock, but I still have the key.

I never use this compass. Actually, I don't even know what way is North from here.


It was a gift.

The cupcake is from these two designers in Caracas.

I have three different pet cards, my grocery card, and a Smart Key.

I have to take my keys out of my pocket when I get weighed at the doctor because they are so heavy.

There's a bunch of keys on there that I don't even use anymore.

The school has a shuttle to the rental car place, but it was over an hour late.

He tied this red knot through my house key, so when we got back from the docks at night, I could still find it in the dark.

That's it.

Yeah, the weird looking one is the key for my drum.

I drive a honda and the keychain is from my husband's work.

I really like my little monsters.

It's pepperspray.
It was really nice of him to think of my safety, but all I kept thinking was, "Thanks for making it look like I carry around a sex toy!"

The Missisippi State keytag is the oldest thing on my keychain.

I'm the groundskeeper at the church, so someone just gave me these keys.

These are to my brother-in-law's apartment. When he asks me to go over and feed his cat, if I don't have them on me, I'm S-O-L.

I broke the little plastic loop that lets me attach it to my keys.

Now I have this cool little red wire keychain.

I've done some editing since you last saw them.

It used to be black, but I've used it so much, it rubbed off.

My friend Melissa got it for me, so it's dated with my 16th birthday 10.17.2001.

We share it.

I only use the Wegmans card, the rest go to places I don't even live near anymore.

So, what does it say about me that I have a bottle opener on my keychain?

Wait, is this safe?

Nothing exciting.

I bought this from a female leather artisan shop owner in the Campo di Fiore neighborhood of Rome.

We just got a second car and these are keys to offices at different places I teach.

Texas shaped bottleopener on Texas Independence Day!

The oldest thing on my keychain are all the key rings. They’re all from the first time I ever had a keychain.

I just found it on the street.

The keychain is red and gold—Chi Omega's colors, formally called "cardinal and straw."

I always ask my parents to get these fish keychains when they go back to Taiwan.

I need my keys to be small and flat so they can fit into my pocket.